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You deserve better pork. What went wrong?

How did pork become dry, boring, tasteless…and white? 

Through an emphasis on production efficiencies and lean cuts.

Isn’t it time to taste honest-to-goodness, full-flavored pork? Now you can indulge your craving for the rich, aromatic, sensual pleasure of oven roasted and artfully grilled meat.  Trust Comfrey Farm® Prime Pork to bring you robust tender meat, brimming with juices.  We produce in small batches for exquisite flavor, integrity, and the ultimate in traceability and accountability.

Heirloom pork: Think of it as a special gift that’s handed down
from one generation to another.

The safe and correct pork cooking temperature of 145º F is the final step in plating a perfectly juicy, tender cut of meat.

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